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The Fiercely Underrated Exercise You Need to Do

In the last couple of years, the loaded carry (most notably the farmers carry) has exploded on the scene. Everyone from bodybuilders to Crossfitters has started to include various loaded carries into their routines and for a good reason; they … Continue reading

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5 Key Components of a Top Notch Fitness Facility

It has been over 6 years since my facility State of Fitness opened its doors and less than six months since our corporate location with our new corporate location. To say we have are committed to¬†continuously find ways to be … Continue reading

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Build Strength & Get Lean With This Workout Program

I have started to write more on my blog and plan to continue to, especially when I get my new website up (someday). I am also in the process of writing another book (details to come on this in the … Continue reading

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