Muscle In Minutes: Loaded Carry Complex

During the last several years, the loaded carry (most notable the farmers carry) has exploded on the scene. Everyone from bodybuilders to Cross fitters has started to include various loaded carries into their routines and for a good reason. A loaded carry is where an athlete picks up and carries a heavy object and walks with it for an extended period of time or distance. This can be done with various objects, such as dumbbells, […]

Fast Muscle: A Complete Guide To Build Muscle Efficiently

The longer that I am in the lifting game, the more I look to be more efficient with my workouts. In a perfect world, I would write programs for my clients and myself that would include the following: Soft tissue works with various foam rollers and massage balls Corrective exercises to improve any dysfunctions Mobility work Stretching Groundwork (rolling, crawling, Get-ups, etc.) Nervous system development/power work (med ball throws and plyos) Strength training Conditioning/cardiovascular work […]

Frequent Full-Body Strength Workouts For More Muscle

The best way to build muscle is to perform full-body strength training sessions frequently throughout the week. The combo of lower and upper-body movement that involves multiple muscle groups done in a circuit fashion stimulates anabolic hormones and protein synthesis which are two of the major players at stimulating muscle growth. Performing multiple full-body strength routines must be done correctly in order to produce results. Hitting each muscle group 3 to 4 days per week […]

Every BODY Needs To Train For Power

Power training is a vital piece of the functional training puzzle for both competitive athletes & general population clients. Progressive exposure to high-velocity movements trains the nervous system to recruit high-threshold motor units, reflexively stabilize joints and develop the local tissue resiliency necessary to withstand the demands of high-velocity sports, making it a valuable tool for both performance enhancement and injury reduction. Throwing low/moderate weight medicine balls with intent and at high velocity promotes the […]

The Grinnell Training Workout Program Design Book Summary

In 2017, I wrote a Complete Programming Guide For Small Group and Large Group Personal Training Since then, there has been over 100 of our intern at State of Fitness that have read the manual. Each semester, our interns are required to turn in a detailed summary of what they learned from the manual. One of our amazing interns, Maryam Abbasi, has written a fantastic summary I wanted to share. You can click io the […]

Why Every Gym Owner Needs a Quality Internship Program

The growth of your business will largely depend on how well you recruit, hire, and train your staff. You will depend on these people in order for your business to run properly. Understanding how to do this can be difficult. In this book, I am going to show you how you can develop an internship program that will provide a feeder system of trained (your way!) interns ready to fill spots on your team. I […]

5 Items I Keep in My Cupboards at All Times

There are certain foods that I feel you should always have on your grocery list. These are foods that you can pair with many other foods, make certain foods taste better, and provide an array of nutrient value. Olive Oil Nuts & Seeds Dark Chocolate Grass-fed Whey Protein Coconut oil You can keep these in your kitchen and you can use them when you need them. These are things that make very quick cooking possible […]

4-Week HIIT Program for the Summer

The sun is finally starting to shine through (here in Michigan), and summer is finally here! The lack of vitamin D during the colder months may have reduced your ambitions to stay on your workout program and shot your ability to reduce your food cravings. Well now is the time to get back after it before summer comes. In order to shed body fat while maintaining and even build muscle, you need to have a […]