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Welcome everyone to my blog! My name is Justin Grinnell and I am a strength coach, personal trainer, nutrition enthusiast, training facility owner, husband, and father. I am here to give you the REAL answers about workouts, eating, and how to incorporate the proper strategies to improve your quality of life.

Growing up I never thought of myself as a writer. When I was younger I did not have the canvas to write on, like I do now. I was not writing about what I was passionate about in school. In 2008, Tim Kissman, the editor of Healthy and Fit magazine put me on the cover, and invited me to start my own column. I then became excited to write my next article, and even started my own newsletter. Since then I have written over 70 published articles. I currently work with Healthy and Fit magazine, and Muscle &Fitness Magazine. This blog is the next step for me to share my thoughts and further my writing experience.

Since the age of 17 during my junior year in high school I fell in love with lifting weights, staying in shape, and finding out what foods would help me perform better in basketball, football, and improve my health. Two years later I began working at a health food store and that summer I began training brother for the major league baseball draft. Soon after, I switched my major to Kinesiology and was hooked on fitness! From that day forward I was motivated to become the best trainer around. I got certified as a personal trainer and was hired at my local gym for my first training position. I put every waking minute into gaining as much knowledge as possible while studying for my degree, and working in the strength and conditioning department at MSU.

Fast forward 11 years, 7 bodybuilding shows, over 28,000 hours of coaching experience, and opening up a 11,000 square foot training facility, I have been fortunate enough to evolve with the fast growing, and complicated to understand fitness industry. I am ready to help anyone and everyone machete through the crazy fitness and wellness vines that can be very confusing and misleading. My goal is to separate the truth from the misinformation that our industry is flooded with. I make it a point everyday to make sure I am up to date on the latest research on exercise, nutrition, and supplementation. Giving you, my readers, the REAL information that you need in order to help improve your quality of life.

I will continue to use the word REAL as I feel it means a lot to all of us. We all have REAL lives and REAL obstacles day in and day out. I know that we all can’t be health freaks, but we can take small steps to help improve our overall quality of life. I will help you implement the proper eating, exercise, and supplementation protocols that YOU can best implement in your everyday life.

I will also expose my own eating, training, and supplementation protocols as well. I, by no means, am perfect. I do, however, have daily habits that I feel you as my readers can relate to. I work 12-14 hours a day five days a week, I am a business owner, a writer, a husband to my wife Katie, a dad to my almost 3 year old son Brennan, and 6-week old son Beckett, and have daily stresses that all of us have to endure. I can help show you how to fit workouts, good eating, and everyday healthy habits in your constantly demanding life.  

Follow me as I help guide you towards health, longevity, vitality, and help you understand the REAL way to get in shape and attain REAL results for your lifestyle!

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  1. Outstanding information once again! Thank you;)

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