What Is a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer does not only come up with workout programs, count reps and scream at clients to push themselves. They are not drill sergeants, nor are they there to burry someone into the ground. If your trainer is pushing you to puke and pass out, find a new trainer. 


A trainer is there to mentor. A great trainer will do everything possible to get to know you. A great trainer will learn what you do on a day to day basis to understand what you can reasonably accomplish when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

A great trainer will push when needed, but understand your obstacles. They will work with everything that stands in the way of your goals. They will not ask for perfection but will ask for commitment and effort.

A great trainer will listen to what you want. A great trainer will be on your team and will never give up on you. Trainers are not there to expect the impossible, they will help guide your towards what is possible… A better quality of life.

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