Collagen Peptides Benefits

Why Do I Need Collagen Peptides? Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It is found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive systems, and tendons. It helps give our skin strength and elasticity. The body’s collagen production begins to decrease as we age. Other factors such as a poor diet, high in sugar, and too much sun can also cause a depletion in collagen production. Thankfully consuming a diet rich in collagen peptides can […]

5 Ways to Exercise With an Injury

Having aches and pains, or getting an injury eventually happens to all of us. It doesn’t matter if it comes from working out, a sport, an activity, or just from daily habits. We all will have to learn how to deal with them. When most people get injured they get very discouraged and discontinue their current workout regimen. This is a common roadblock but, believe me, it is one that can be busted through. This has […]

Fast Fat Loss Finishers

Fast Fat Loss Finishers There is no question that it takes time, effort, and most importantly, consistency to get in shape. I’m not into shortcuts and applaud those who look at fitness as a lifelong journey, not a 6-week workout program to fulfill a fitness dream. But I do agree that there are times to ramp it up. First of all, it’s not possible to make a lot of body composition changes in one week, […]

Your Complete Meal Plan Right Here

Diets: Good or Bad? Before we dig into the details I have to admit that this blog kind of goes against my nutrition philosophy, to some degree. I don’t believe in diets but I do believe in trying them to see what they are like, take what is useful from them and ditch what does not work. Many clients out there who prefer this method of eating are well intended and have a lot of great […]

3 Strength Training Workout Complexes For Rapid Fat Loss

In today’s fitness world, both trainers and clients (and general fitness enthusiasts), have less time per day to spare. We pack our calendars as much as possible. Unfortunately, this can leave us with little time for a workout. Now, even if you are making it to the gym for 3 training sessions or classes, you may need just a little more. For the results you are looking for even a few workouts a week with […]

What Type of Whey Protein are You Choosing?

By now, many of you are aware that the quality of your animal proteins is very important.The shift from consuming animal proteins that are treated poorly to sustainably raised, wild-caught, pastured-raised, grass-fed, and organic is growing fast. Many people still balk at the price of higher-quality animal protein sources. I feel that it is well worth the cost. It all comes down to prioritizing your grocery list and cutting out the “junk” that you used to buy […]

Meal Frequency: It’s Different for Women

If you are a regular reader of the SOF blog or follow me on social, you may know that I am a proponent of intermittent fasting (IF) and practice it myself. I have written many papers on the topic and it is included in my E-book I released years back. But you may have also noticed that I talk about how it may not be as advantageous for women like it is for men. Dr. John […]

3 Exercises Worth Doing Everyday

Training Smarter, Not Harder In my earlier years of exercise, I would work out hard and often. Starting my junior year of high school, I lifted 5-6 days per week. I would even lift before or after my football and basketball games and practices sometimes. Or I would get up at 5 am before school. You could call it obsessive and overtraining but it kept me in shape and out of trouble, for the most […]