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Squat, Swing, Carry, Push, Pull, Lunge – The Fundamentals of Workout Success

Strength training is the foundation of any well-rounded fitness program. It doesn’t matter if you run, bike, swim, do yoga, or any other sport there is out there to participate in. Strength training has to be in your fitness routine somewhere. … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Overeater

I have something to confess. I am a HUGE overeater! Yes, a trainer of 14 years and training facility owner LOVES to eat! Big shocker, right? But who doesn’t love to eat? Well, I think I have a few skeletons … Continue reading

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Why Strength Training is King

Most  people I come in contact with are under the impression that they need to be doing endless amounts of cardiovascular exercise in order to lose fat. The common misconception is that you need to burn a ton of calories … Continue reading

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